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Specialist is our specialism. Whether you’re a first time landlord, or buy-to-let is an established part of your portfolio, we’ll connect you to the right answer for your particular situation.

We regularly help individuals, limited companies and SPVs to finance a variety of property types. These include houses with multiple occupation, holiday lets, freehold investment blocks, and semi commercial properties. In every single case, our focus is on keeping it simple, no matter how complicated it may seem, whilst keeping you appraised of the latest developments in this rapidly changing financial field.

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What are buy to let mortgages and how do they work?

A buy-to-let mortgage is similar to a regular homeowner mortgage, however there are some differences.

A buy to let mortgage is for landlords, both as individuals, a limited company or SPV to buy a property with the aim of letting it out.

The basics work just like a regular mortgage, although lender criteria and requirements can be different to a regular homeowner mortgage.

Most landlords opt for an interest only mortgage where repayments just cover the interest. This is due to the payments being lower which in turn increases the profitability of the rental.

At the end of the buy to let mortgage term, you would need to sell the property to repay the full balance.

Deposits for BTL mortgages are generally 25% of the property value although there are options for 20% as well. This is called LTV or Loan to Value. A buy to let mortgage with 75% LTV assumes a deposit of 25%.

Expected rental yields also have a bearing on how much you could borrow. Knowing how much rental income you expect to get will give mortgage companies a much better idea of the amount of risk they're exposed to.

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